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Join the G7 Club

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
– Gandhi

When you meet with another person for the purpose of networking, you generally fall into the trap of, “What can I get out of this?” This is the first mistake many make. The most successful people give of their time and resources to other people and groups without expecting anything in return. I call this the G7 Club: people who give, give, give, give, give, give … and give again.

Robert Smithson's Legal Ease - What's Labour Day All About?


As I enjoyed the last long weekend of summer, it occurred to me that I had only a foggy notion of why we have a “Labour Day” statutory holiday. It turns out that there are good, if distant, reasons for this particular day of leisure.

Labour Day is observed, under a variety of names, in many countries. In most of the world, it takes place on May 1st of each year. In North America it has become a September tradition.

Connecting People to Strategy: Strategy Translation

Many senior leaders across different businesses have shared with me that their executives and managers aren’t strategic enough. In their words, “they don’t get the strategy and aren’t aligned with what we’re trying to do.” This sometimes causes leaders to face an approach/avoidance conflict. On the one hand, they need to engage executives and managers at all levels in executing the strategy. On the other hand, if they don’t understand the strategy, they’ll put an operational spin on it and, in their words, “drive it in the ditch.” No wonder senior leaders are frustrated! Their strategic execution is being held hostage by a lack of strategic thinking skills across the organization!

Tim Cork's Thought for the Week!

Purpose … the Big “Why?”

“Purpose serves as a principle around which to organize our lives.”
– Anonymous

When you have a purpose, everything falls into place. Your purpose is what’s important to you. It drives you, it is your passion for doing what you love to do and what motivates you. Everyone must have a purpose. What is your purpose? What is the big “Why?” that drives you to do what you do? I use my name, TIM, as an acronym to remind me of my purpose: to Touch, Inspire, and Move people to act on their passion and goals. The C in my last name Cork stands for catalyst, which helps make this happen.

Robert Smithson's Legal Ease - Pension Clarity for Employers


Millions of Canadians’ retirement hopes rest on the fiscal health of the private pension plan to which they’ve contributed during their career. Understandably, that makes them sensitive to how the employer administers the pension plan fund.

Disputes have arisen, over time, relating to employers’ administration of the plan funds. Such things as expenses paid out of the fund, and so-called contribution holidays taken by the employer are, not surprisingly, viewed by some employees as diminishing the funds available to eventually pay out pension benefits.

Tim Cork's Thought for the Week!

Put It in Writing

“A man without a plan for the day is lost before he starts.”
– Lewis K. Bendele

Journals are an excellent means of retaining knowledge. All my experiences and learning go into the ones I keep. I started my first one eighteen years ago and begin a new one every six months. I can track my perspective on events, books, ideas, jokes by going back and rereading them, which I do often. When I look back in this way, I see what I was doing and what was important to me at the time. In fact, in putting my book together, I mined my journals for nuggets and ideas.

Robert Smithson's Legal Ease - Dealing with Addiction Related Misconduct


Complying with human rights obligations relating to employees suffering the disease of addiction is a challenge for human resources professionals. The challenge increases when the employee engages in misconduct which is driven by that addiction.

Courts, tribunals, and arbitrators have swayed back and forth on the question of whether addiction-related misconduct can amount to just cause for summary dismissal. Recent examples include an alcoholic employee who stole alcohol from his employer, another who used a company car in the course of buying cocaine during working hours, and another who stole from another employee to feed her gambling addiction.

Connecting People to Strategy: On Boarding

Transitioning key talent from one company to another is challenging, and the results are much poorer than you’d expect. Depending upon what research you look at, failure rates of new executives will average as high as 40 to 50%. Think about the expense incurred—both in terms of hard costs and soft costs. The monetary costs of losing a key hire are pretty straightforward, however, the costs of lost opportunity can quickly overshadow them. The strategic impact of starting over when a key hire doesn’t work out can have a much greater impact on the organization, both in the short term and long term.

Employee Wellness

Have a look at the NEW EDGE 3-Step System to employee wellness.
Please let me know your thoughts on employee wellness and the case for it.

Tim Cork's Thought for the Week!

The three A’s together

“And will you succeed?
Yes! You will indeed!
(8 and ¾ percent guaranteed)”
–Dr. Seuss

Here’s a little story that shows the power of all three A’s (Attitude, Aptitude and Action) working together.

Two lumberjacks were working together. One was a veteran of 25 years and the other a strong young rookie. They were paid by the number of cords of wood they chopped each week. The younger rookie noticed that week after week the older man’s stack was always larger than his. He couldn’t figure this out. After all, he was younger, stronger, and faster, and was eager to succeed. The rookie decided he would work harder and longer every day.

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