Release Your Inner Child

"Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”
– Theodor Geisl (Dr. Seuss)

Isn’t it amazing that it’s impossible to be mad when you are laughing? So laugh often. Try to laugh off the irritation or problem. Focus your thoughts on the beauty around you, maintaining that fresh, positive, genuine, childlike outlook on life. We live in a world of abundance and marvel, miracles and beauty. Take a deep breath and let it in. Take some time every day just for you. A time where you do something you really enjoy or just sit and do nothing. It should be a time of contentment and positive thoughts.

Children see each day as their first, pure opportunity to truly live. They get excited about life and its possibilities. We need to take on a childlike spirit and review the chief lesson of childhood: that our minds create whatever we want. Tap the childlike wonder within you … often. It is a huge resource below the surface waiting to come out and play. The more you draw on that large reserve, the more joy, excitement, fun, happiness, and fulfillment you will attain. The boundaries are limitless.

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