Stay Open to New Idea's......Re-invent

Always be open to new ideas and ready to re-invent yourself. It's like the little boy who was six years old. He had a baseball and a bat. He looked at the bat and said "I am the best hitter in all the world" ... he threw up the ball, took a swing and missed. He picked up the ball again and with even more determination said " I am the best hitter in the whole wide world" ... he threw it up and swung. Strike two, missed again. He straightened his cap and said it with even more intensity, I am the best hitter in the world", threw up the ball, took a swing and he missed, strike three. He simply laid his bat down, picked up the ball and said, "what do you know, I am the best pitcher in the world".

Might you be too set in your ways, and because you have given up after the first try, the second or tenth you've missed out on something special. Don't give up, or settle just because it didn't work a certain way. Keeping working, keep trying, keep dreaming, keep pushing. You may hear from twenty five people before you hear yes. But that one yes is all it takes and the no's disappear. You may have dozens of things that don't work but eventually your door will open and you walk through it. In success and life you must be willing to be open to new ideas and sometimes re-invent yourself.

Congratulations to Lauren Woolstencroft, born without legs below her knees and now Canada's golden girl. Lauren had to re-invent herself and after winning five gold medals at the Paralympics, we can definitely say she is truly amazing ! Go Lauren, Go Canada, Go World !

" You are your on umpire in life, only you can call yourself out"
- Jim Rohn"

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